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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our New Home

For some time, hubby wanted a new home. Our apartment in the 4th floor in down town Jerusalem was to crammed for his taste, not enough space for our 5 cats and for ourselves.

In a moment thought we've decided to fulfill the dream of a country house with a large garden. One rainy day we've loaded 5 stressed cats to our car in the way to our new home.

Everything is still a mess and we didn't unpack even half of our boxes. Only today I began to arrange my work space and I still not sure where to arrange everything.

But I enjoy the garden that began to bloom now and the lemon tree.

I intent to make preserved lemons and lemon jams.

And every morning I sit in the garden for my tea and breakfast. This one was made by hubby (you can see it from the colorful spices he adds to the fried eggs).

And the cats enjoys themselves endlessly.