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Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hanukkah with Treasure


Made by Heather from niftyknits, This little cute Meerkat is traveling in a world and has arrived to Jerusalem!

Started his journey and the UK, living la vida loca with Arosha and calming his nerves with Oowl, the globetrotting meerkat has arrived to our home to celebrate Hanukkah with us "us" – hubby, me and our 5 cats).

After his long journey, Treasure wanted to take a nap on the large bed. The house cats came to say hello and smell the guest traveling the big wide world.

Finally, the guest meerkat to the cats had cuddled together for a nap.

In the evening, it was time to light the Hanukkah candles and the Shabbat candles. The little meerkat was much exited to see all the lights shining in our window.

After lighting the candles, Treasure checked the table, set will all the tempting dishes of Hanukkah. Traditionally all the Hanukkah food is fried, but little Treasure wanted to keep his figure, so he nibbled from the non- traditional brioche (which apparently had the least calories).

After having a good time at dinner, it was time to do some work. Treasure sat in my beading tray and watched me finish the gift that he will carry around to world and back home to Niftyknits.

to be continued.....


  1. Oh Hadass this is so interesting for me to see the Hanukkah and Shabbat candles. The beaded pendant the meerkat helped you make is so beautiful, I think when it comes time for the giveaway the winner is going to be very lucky

  2. lovely to see the little meerkat is safe and well!

  3. Great blog! thanks
    Ok this is wierd typing not sure if I can figure out how to enter this!!

  4. OH my what a wonderful stop for treasure. Looks like he is being well fed and entertained Glad he gets to take naps along the way as well..

  5. Hello Hadass,
    this is a little message from the Netherlands.
    I'm a great fan of Nifty Knits meerkat and on her blog she wrote dat the meerkat is staying with you cellibrating Hanukkah.
    That is really great. Also you make lovely things. I cellibrate christmas
    My english is not so good sorry for that

  6. How nice! He will be traveling with a beautiful piece of jewelrey! Can't wait for his visit!!!

  7. Lovely visit! I would have forgotten the diet and gone for the yummy fried food! Love the photo with the cat.